Art Ltd. Magazine (July 2016): "NW artists break the rules while courting a spirit of experimentation"

The Stranger: "The Difference Between Artist Amanda Manitach's Best Work and the Work She's Best Known For"

On KUOW: "Take Advantage of First Thursday by seeing Roq La Rue's last exhibition"

Bill Radke speaks with Stranger art critic Jen Graves about why listeners should go see Amanda Manitach's exhibition, "Nothing Left To Say." The show opens Thursday, July 7 and runs until July 30 at Roq La Rue



August 4-7, 2016
Seattle Art Fair
Represented by Bridge Productions at booth A28 at Century Link Field Event Center  
(Preview of select available works here.)

August 3, 2016, noon-12:30 pm
Lunch and Learn at Tacoma Art Museum

Please join me while I talk about Frances Farmer Defends Herself during lunch at TAM. I'll be talking about Frances, Kurt, my practice, and what went into the piece hanging at Northwest Art Now. 

May 14—September 4, 2016
Northwest Art Now at Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA

July 7—30, 2016
"Nothing Left To Say" solo exhibition at Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle, WA