Penis Envy: NSFW
One night only! Friday, May 30, 2014. 7pm-midnight.

Let’s get psychosexual! TMRW PARTY hosts an exhibit dedicated to the problem of/the splendor of/the lack of phallus and offers artists’ responses to the social, political and sexual trappings associated with the organ to be envied.

Leigh Riibe
Jeremy Buben
Amanda Manitach
Ellie Dicola
Lindsey Rae Gjording
Kendra Rose
Casey Bell
Amanda Michele
Saskia Delores
Kt Shores
Erin Frost
Tim Summers
Timothy Rysdyke
Brendan Griffin
Brandon Aleson
Madeline Reddington
Janet Galore

Schedule: 7-9 pm is dedicated to art viewing. DJ Smiller (Steven Miller) brings some raunch to the dance floor around 10 pm. Special performance at 11 pm. You might want to bring $ for jello shots, some sexy art and a publication made just for the show.